Report Trail Conditions and Problems Trailbuilders

If you encounter significant hiking trail or nature trail problems such as rock slides, heaped dirt, dead trees laying across the trail, please let us know what you find, offering GPS coordinates if you have them.

You may click on the name of the hiking trail offered in the list below, and if you do not see the name of the trail, the last option in the list called "None Of The Above" may be used to send us a report, though please give us some indication about what trail or other condition you are reporting.

If you have photographs you can give us, please mail them to since that will help us schedule repairs.


2310W13 -- Fish Canyon Trail
233N07 -- South Mount Hawkins Trail Road
237W07 -- Baldy Bowl Trail
237W05 -- Devil's Back Bone Trail
237W06 -- 3 T's Trail
237W06A -- Telegraph Peak Trail
237W06B -- Timber Mountain Trail
237W07 -- Chapman Trail
237W07A --Ice House Canyon Trail
237W08 -- Ontario Peak Trail
237W08A -- Big Horn Peak Trail
237W12 -- Mount Baldy Trail
237W12A -- Bear Canyon Loop Trail
238W09 -- Elfin Forest Trail
238W11 -- Eagle Mine Trail
238W11A -- Golden Dollar Trail
238W13 -- East Fork Trail
238W16 -- Heaton Flats Trail
238W16A -- Mount Islip Trail
239W06 -- Windy Gap Trail
239W07 -- Big Cienega Trail
239W08 -- Islip/Wawona Cutoff Ridge Trail
239W10 -- Bear Creek Trail
239W17 -- Cedar Canyon Trail
239W25 -- Lost Ridge Trail
239W27 -- Lake Trail
239W28 -- Hawkins Ridge Trail
239W30 -- Soldier Creek Trail
239W31 -- Tototngna Nature Trail
239W32 -- Pinyon Ridge Nature Trail
239W33 -- Golden Cup Nature Trail
239W34 -- Sunset Ridge Nature Trail
239W35 -- Half Knob Trail
Monroe Truck Trail
Coldbrook campground
Windy Gap Saddle to Little Jimmy (Pacific Crest Trail)
Windy Gap Saddle to Baden-Powell (Pacific Crest Trail)
Rincon Shortcut to Education Center foot path
None Of The Above

The San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders updates this web site periodically and there is no guarantee that the information provided on this web site is accurate or up-to-date despite our efforts to check and verify the information provided. If you find anything to be inaccurate on this web site, please email us.